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Rishikesh’s Best Yoga Teacher Training Programs

The decision of identifying the best yoga teacher training course is crucial. A pro and con list are mandatory when you decide to pursue a life in the field of Yoga. The lifestyle itself is demanding discipline and consistency. There are practices to be performed to understand yourself better and to connect with yourself better. These requirements need to be fulfilled through authentic experience only. Yoga schools around Rishikesh are accredited to provide you with this experience but it is important to understand which school and their teachers resonate with you individually.  

Yoga teacher training programs are not just for people who are existing practitioners and wish to pursue them further. A yoga teacher training is for all who aspire to follow a holistic lifestyle because practices of yoga are a lifestyle in itself. This is what all the schools around Rishikesh ensure to provide to their students. 25-days of yoga teacher training is nothing but adapting to the ways of yoga. It provides a routine which we all tend to blend in with because of our physical and mental clocks. Scientifically speaking, a set routine provides a rhythm to the brain waves which entails a better lifestyle.  

Below are the things that the best yoga teacher training program would provide:  

•            Experienced and credible teachers

•            Disciplined yet comfortable environment 

•            Excursions around the area to understand the culture and practices

•            Explaining teaching methodology in-depth

•            Providing subjects like Yoga Anatomy, Yoga Philosophy, and Yoga Alignment to clear the basics of asana practices

•            A clear idea of the importance of various practices of yoga and how they can be performed


Yoga teacher training programs are designed to make an aspirant experience the authenticity of various practices of Yoga. The goal behind the program is for an individual to grow mentally and physically. Yoga as a practice provides a connection between the mind, body and soul. Generally, when a person experiences discomfort in their life, they tend to deal with that discomfort by avoiding indulgence or doing nothing at all. These reactions turn into habits which are critical in the long run as they are not a permanent solution to hurdles in life. These mental obstacles are also targeted by yoga schools in their programs, to provide a safe space for people who are struggling mentally.  

A good yoga school will provide you with both physical challenges and mental challenges as their goal, in the end, is to show a pathway to connect with yourself on every level. Yoga teacher training programs last for about a month wherein the routine which is set from early morning to evening helps you with gaining a fresh perspective towards life. The teachers provide you with a list of books to acquire more information on and a management team that makes you feel like home is all that is expected from a reputed yoga school their yoga teacher training program.