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"The Key Muscles of Yoga"


"The Key Muscles of Yoga" is a book by Ray Long that focuses on the anatomy and biomechanics of yoga postures. The book provides detailed descriptions and illustrations of the major muscles used in various yoga poses, as well as explanations of how these muscles work together to create the movements and alignments necessary for safe and effective yoga practice.

The book is divided into sections that focus on different regions of the body, including the spine, hips, shoulders, and legs. Each section includes detailed information on the anatomy of the muscles involved, as well as clear instructions for how to engage and stretch these muscles in different yoga poses.

In addition to its focus on anatomy and biomechanics, "The Key Muscles of Yoga" also offers insights into the energetic and emotional benefits of yoga practice. The book provides guidance on how to cultivate mindfulness, presence, and self-awareness through the practice of yoga, and emphasizes the importance of approaching yoga as a holistic system that encompasses physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions of health and wellbeing.

Overall, "The Key Muscles of Yoga" is a valuable resource for yoga practitioners, teachers, and anyone interested in understanding the anatomy and biomechanics of yoga postures in greater depth.